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Assessing a potential property involves visionary insight with realistic consideration. With over 30 years of architectural practice, I’ve seen the benefits of incorporating a design team during a property analysis. This evaluation has assisted with observing a property’s physical potential as well as its functional capabilities. A design team can assess the framework and flexibility of an existing building’s layout as well as consider a better suited use of program depending on changing demographics trends or needs for the surrounding neighborhood. Finding a knowledgeable architect and incorporating them in your property search early on has provided successful outcomes for the buyer. Most architects have a knowledgeable understanding of local approvals and code limitations, which can greatly effect property selection, design, and budget. Considering all these factors can then allow for a much smoother transition into schematic design and approval processes.

Realtors will assist in showcasing potential properties for your vision and architects will customize the space to your needs and desires. Meeting with an architect before a site is chosen will focus your needs on program and square footage, allowing you to narrow your search and quickly begin to layout program according to your specific requirements.

Peter Raymond Wells Architects designed the ‘Blinds to Go’ headquarters, recently completed in Paramus, NJ. Formerly the facility of an automobile showroom, this building was customized to house office space, a training facility, and a flagship retail store for the company. The potential of the existing facility may have been overlooked but the building accommodated the requested square footage and location for the anticipated corporate headquarters. Due to early architecture involvement, every square foot of space was specifically designed and built to the needs of the corporation.

Another example, where an architect’s involvement early on in the building selection benefitted, was a mixed use building recently completed in downtown Ridgewood, NJ. This project started by transforming the foundations of an existing service center into first floor commercial space with luxury apartments on the second floor and on-site parking. This mixed use property ensures the owner’s profit from multiple tenants from different marketing sectors. The early involvement of an architect is evident in cohesive site development and function as well as beneficial in repurposing new buildings and updating their use to accommodate a specific program.

Peter Raymond Wells Architect LLC assists developers and investors during their property search and is knowledgeable and experienced with Bergen County’s zoning and building codes. They are a licensed architectural firm in New Jersey and New York.


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