SunnySolar power still generates just 0.4 percent of America’s electricity. But it’s expanding at a shocking rate, with a new rooftop system installed every four minutes. There are lots of reasons for that, from lower costs to federal subsidies to innovative financing schemes.

But here’s another unexpected factor: Solar power appears to be contagious. Yes, contagious. If you install solar photovoltaic panels on your roof, that greatly increases the odds that your neighbors will, in turn, install their own panels.

That’s the upshot of a fascinating new paper inThe Journal of Economic Geography looking at the growth of rooftop solar power across Connecticut. Study shows that Solar power is contagious!

Simon Burgess is one of our our local trusted professionals and a Solar Energy Consultant for Geoscape Solar in Livingston, NJ.  He works with homeowners, businesses and non-profits setting them up with precisely engineered and beautiful Solar arrays that REDUCE & FIX electricity costs and help create a brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

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